Polkastarter V2 big update.
So the big Polkastarter update
has arrived (https://polkastarter.com/),
so it's time to tell about it:
What has changed?
- Added Dashboard (https://polkastarter.com/dashboard). Now you can track there your POLS Power (required to participate in IDO) and your statuses on applications for projects. Also, shooting galleries are now displayed in proportion to your POLS.

- Added staking. Staking now increases your POLS Power. You can stake it in the dashboard, I got 7130 POLS Power from 3500 POLS on one of the wallets stuck into the pool.

- Added a re-search of the project page. Now you can get acquainted with projects directly on the launchpad, with their metrics, ideas and highlights. Everything is similar to DAOmaker and very convenient.

- Registration in whitelists directly on the site. Now in this mode, the regga on WonderHero is open, in the post below I will describe in more detail how to go through it - but it has become much more convenient than it was before.